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Nokian Entyre C/S Tires

Nokian Entyre C/S Tires

• The tire handles predictably and safely in all driving conditions. It has a stiff shoulder with robust blocks offering stability and longitudinal support. Additionally, the shoulder blocks are attached to each other at the edges with a longitudinal support bridge, improving handling properties.
• The tire’s tread pattern features four main grooves connected with lateral sipes to remove water and slush. The main grooves’ high-polish finish makes them usher water away even better and helps resist hydroplaning. They also feature soft soil and snow grip enhancers which improve the grip when driving in muddy or snowy conditions.
• The sidewalls are reinforced with Aramid Sidewall technology which provides durability and puncture resistance. The main grooves are also deeper than usual resulting in excellent mileage.
• The Nokian eNtyre C/S comes equipped with Nokian’s Driving Safety Indicator (DSI), which can be found in four places in the central rib. The numbers indicate the depth of the main grooves in percentages which fade away as the tire wears down, telling the driver when they should consider buying replacements. Along with those numbers, the tire also features a water drop symbol which shows the decreased hydroplaning performance of a tire as it wears out.
• The tire’s center rib uses variable left-right siping, which means openings switch from left to right with each sipe, allowing more sipe edges to be used. This results in better grip while maintaining a stable and responsive driving feel. The center rib is also surrounded by a special 3D-lockpattern that stiffens the blocks and allows for maximum use.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
T430393 215/55R18 95 H       $139
T430385 215/60R17 96 T       $115
T430381 215/65R16 98 H       $105
T430388 215/65R17 99 T       $114
T430382 215/70R16 100 H       $105
T430394 225/55R18 98 H       $147
T430402 225/55R19 99 H       $164
T430386 225/60R17 99 T       $123
T430396 225/60R18 100 H       $139
T430389 225/65R17 102 H       $121
T430392 235/50R18 97 H       $165
T430384 235/55R17 99 H       $130
T430395 235/55R18 100 H       $163
T430403 235/55R19 101 H       $177
T430410 235/55R20 102 H       $187
T430387 235/60R17 102 T       $133
T430397 235/60R18 103 H       $156
T430390 235/65R17 104 T       $137
T430400 235/65R18 106 H       $155
T430407 245/50R20 102 H       $189
T430404 245/55R19 103 H       $172
T430398 245/60R18 105 H       $165
T430391 245/65R17 107 T       $142
T430406 255/45R20 105 H XL     $204
T430408 255/50R20 105 H       $198
T430405 255/60R19 109 H       $174
T430401 255/65R18 111 T       $171
T430409 265/50R20 107 T       $199
T430399 265/60R18 110 H       $164
T430383 265/75R16 116 T       $134
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