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Sailun Terramax A/T 4S Tires

Sailun Terramax A/T 4S Tires

On Feb. 1, 1999 the U.S. Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) established a winter tire grading standard for tires exceeding specific snow traction performance requirements. These tires are specifically designed for use in severe snow conditions. Tires meeting this standard are embossed on their sidewall with the severe service symbol of a peaked mountain with a snowflake. This standard helps drivers choose a tire that will help make their winter driving safer.
• Introducing the all new Terramax A/T 4s, one of the first in the value tier to be approved for severe snow conditions and designated with the 3PMSF Mountain Snow Flake symbol. Designed to deliver superior traction for SUVs, pickups and vans both on and off the road. The Terramax A/T 4s provides exceptional handling, on-and off-road stability while maintaining a comfortable ride.
• Aggressive open shoulder design increases stability and traction in all weather conditions. Trapezoidal claw design on the shoulder edge increases traction in snow and mud, dissipates heat and enhances durability.
• Jagged edge tread blocks improve grip on ice and in the mud providing superior traction. Zig zag grooves and continuous center block provide outstanding grip and superior handling.
• Stone ejectors withstand harsh road conditions.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
5549263 225/75R16 115/112 S E BSW   $130
5549251 235/70R16 106 S   OWL 500AB $113
5549252 235/75R15 109 S   OWL 500AB $111
5549264 235/80R17 120/117 R E OWL   $150
5549265 235/85R16 120/116 R E BSW   $142
5549253 245/65R17 107 S   OWL 500AB $123
5549266 245/70R17 119/116 S E OWL   $148
5549267 245/75R16 120/116 S E BSW   $143
5549254 245/75R16 111 S   OWL 500AB $119
5549268 245/75R17 121/118 S E OWL   $150
5549255 265/65R17 112 S   OWL 500AB $138
5549256 265/70R16 112 T   OWL 500AB $132
5549257 265/70R17 115 S   OWL 500AB $138
5549269 265/70R17 121/118 S E OWL   $161
5549270 265/70R18 124/121 R E BSW   $178
5549271 265/75R16 123/120 S E OWL   $154
5549258 265/75R16 116 S   OWL 500AB $135
5549259 275/55R20 117 T XL BSW 500AB $171
5549260 275/60R20 115 T   BSW 500AB $168
5549261 275/65R18 116 T   OWL 500AB $153
5549272 275/65R18 123/120 R E OWL   $170
5549273 275/65R20 126/123 R E BSW   $183
5549274 275/70R18 125/122 R E OWL   $175
5549276 285/70R17 121/118 R E OWL   $176
5549278 285/75R16 126/123 R E OWL   $167
5549262 31x10.50R15 109 S C OWL   $141
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