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Multi-Mile Supreme Tour LSX Tires

Multi-Mile Supreme Tour LSX Tires

The ALL NEW Multi-Mile Supreme Tour LSX is the next evolution of the all season performance touring tire engineered to go beyond expectations! The LSX is the perfect choice for drivers of performance-oriented sedans.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
LSX73 185/60R15 84 T   BLK 700AB $88
LSX27 185/65R15 88 T   BLK 700AB $89
LSX43 195/60R15 88 T   BLK 700AB $85
LSX41 195/60R15 88 H   BLK 600AA $87
LSX40 195/65R15 91 T   BLK 700AB $88
LSX42 205/55R16 91 H   BLK 600AA $105
LSX18 205/60R16 92 H   BLK 600AA $100
LSX44 205/65R15 94 H   BLK 600AA $94
LSX51 205/65R16 95 H   BLK 600AA $106
LSX08 215/55R17 94 V   BLK 600AA $119
LSX46 215/60R16 95 T   BLK 700AB $102
LSX48 215/60R16 95 H   BLK 600AA $105
LSX11 215/60R17 96 T   BLK 700AB $109
LSX55 215/65R16 98 T   BLK 700AB $107
LSX71 225/45R17 91 W   BLK 440AA $116
LSX66 225/50R17 94 V   BLK 600AA $121
LSX24 225/50R18 95 H   BLK 600AA $130
LSX88 225/55R17 97 T   BLK 700AB $125
LSX52 225/60R16 98 T   BLK 700AB $109
LSX96 225/60R17 99 T   BLK 700AB $122
LSX83 225/65R16 100 T   BLK 700AB $110
LSX13 235/50R18 101 V XL BLK 440AA $135
LSX34 235/55R18 100 V   BLK 600AA $131
LSX07 235/60R17 102 T   BLK 700AB $125
LSX99 235/65R16 103 T   BLK 700AB $120
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