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Grand Spirit Touring L/X Tires

Grand Spirit Touring L/X Tires

The ALL NEW Multi-Mile Grand Spirit Touring LX is the next evolution of the all season performance touring tire engineered to go beyond expectations! The LX is the perfect choice for drivers of performance-oriented sedans.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
GLX73 185/60R15 84 T   BLK   $87
GLX41 195/60R15 88 H     600 A A $65
GLX28 195/65R15 91 H   BLK 600AA $89
GLX90 205/50R17 89 W   BLK 440AA $107
GLX61 205/60R16 92 V   BLK 600AA $104
GLX97 215/45R17 87 H   BLK 600AA $108
GLX25 215/45R17 87 W   BLK 440AA $113
GLX58 215/50R17 91 V   BLK 600AA $119
GLX57 215/55R16 93 H   BLK 600AA $109
GLX31 215/65R17 99 T   BLK 700AB $110
GLX74 225/45R17 91 H   BLK 600AA $110
GLX14 225/45R18 91 W   BLK 440AA $141
GLX24 225/50R18 95 H   BLK   $164
GLX87 225/55R17 97 V   BLK 600AA $124
GLX92 225/55R18 98 H   BLK 600AA $130
GLX76 225/65R17 102 H   BLK 600AA $119
GLX54 235/45R17 94 W   BLK 440AA $119
GLX89 235/55R17 99 H   BLK 600AA $134
GLX86 235/55R19 105 H XL BLK 600AA $157
GLX56 235/60R16 100 V   BLK 600AA $113
GLX17 245/45R18 96 W   BLK 440AA $149
GLX02 245/50R18 100 W   BLK 440AA $145
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