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Wild Spirit Sport HXT Tires

Wild Spirit Sport HXT Tires

Designed For Crossovers, Vans, SUV'S And Full Size Pickups. The Wild Spirit Sport HXT Takes To The Road With Smooth Ride Comfort, All Season Traction Performance And High Value In Mind. For Drivers Seeking A Combination Of Touring Tire Longevity, Performance Tire Handling And Light Truck Tire Durability, the Wild Spirit Sport HXT Answers The Call.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
HXT61U 215/65R17 98 T     500AA $105
HXT92U 225/55R18 98 H     500AA $117
HXT96U 225/60R17 99 H     500AA $106
HXT76U 225/65R17 102 V     500AA $111
HXT34U 235/55R18 99 H     500AA $124
HXT86U 235/55R19 105 V XL   500AA $133
HXT07U 235/60R17 106 H XL   500AA $115
HXT49U 235/60R18 107 V XL   500AA $126
HXT05U 235/65R18 106 H XL   500AA $127
HXT09U 235/70R17 109 T XL   500AB $120
HXT80U 245/50R20 102 V     500AA $133
HXT66U 245/55R19 103 H     500AA $130
HXT68U 245/60R18 105 V     500AA $123
HXT02U 255/50R19 107 H XL   500AA $134
HXT84U 255/50R20 109 V XL   500AA $137
HXT88U 255/55R18 109 V XL   500AA $131
HXT72U 255/60R19 109 H     500AA $139
HXT37U 255/65R18 109 T     500AA $135
HXT52U 255/70R18 112 T     500AA $135
HXT85U 265/50R20 107 V     500AA $142
HXT91U 265/60R18 110 H     500AA $131
HXT56U 265/65R18 114 T     500AB $134
HXT22U 265/70R18 116 T     500AB $141
HXT48U 275/55R20 113 H     500AA $161
HXT63U 275/65R18 116 T     500AB $145
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