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• Armor-Tek3 Carcass Construction-The heavy duty carcass is constructed of two radial polyester body plies and one angled polyester body ply to deliver 3 plies of protection for superior resistance to impact breaks and bruising.
• Super Traction Tread-The computer designed, non-directional tread employs a combination of features including deep buttress lugs, notched and scalloped shoulder lugs, and a unique center traction zone to create a bold, aggressive tire for tough off-road applications.
• Tapered Stone Ejectors-An integral stone ejector rib extends down from the center lugs to the buttress blocks to help prevent stones and debris from lodging between the tread elements while contributing to the overall soft surface traction.
• Rim Flange Protector-Strategically placed in the lower side wall area, this feature helps protect the wheel and tire from hazards in off-road driving conditions while enhancing appearance.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
CO4282J 225/75R16     E OWL   $232
CO4283 235/85R16     E BLK   $246
CO4287 245/70R17     E BLK   $284
CO4284 245/75R16     E BLK   $258
CO4284C 255/70R16     C BLK   $303
CO4288 265/70R17     E OWL   $296
CO4285 265/75R16     E OWL   $287
CO4291 275/65R18     C OWL   $391
CO4291H 275/70R18     E BLK   $436
CO4289A 285/70R17     E OWL   $338
CO4286 285/75R16     D OWL   $321
CO4289D 295/70R17     D BLK   $403
CO4291J 305/60R18     E BLK   $462
CO4286A 305/70R16     D OWL   $327
CO4281 30X9.50R15     C OWL   $217
CO4286B 315/75R16     D OWL   $352
CO4282 31X10.50R15     C OWL   $233
CO4291M 325/60R18     E BLK   $432
CO4281B 32X11.50R15     C OWL   $255
CO4282B 33X12.50R15     C OWL   $271
CO4289F 33X12.50R17     D OWL   $387
CO4293 33X12.50R20     E BLK   $473
CO4282F 35X12.50R15     C OWL   $292
CO4289H 35X12.50R17     D OWL   $396
CO4292 35X12.50R18     E OWL   $481
CO4290 37X12.50R17     D BLK   $462
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