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• The Starfire SF-510 is an SUV value design with premium all-season performance at “value tire” cost.
• The SF-510 has the size coverage focused on today’s most popular vehicles.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
CPRS51032 225/70R16 103 S   OWL 500-A-B $145
CPRS51046 225/75R16 104 S   OWL 500-A-B $143
CPRS51041 235/65R17 104 S   OWL 500-A-B $168
CPRS51033 235/70R16 106 S   OWL 500-A-B $155
CPRS51039 235/75R15       OWL 500-A-B $136
CPRS245/65R17 245/65R17 107 S   OWL 500-A-B $174
CPRS51031 245/70R16 107 S   OWL 500-A-B $158
CPRS51043 245/70R17 110 S   OWL 500-A-B $175
CPRS51038 245/75R16 111 S   OWL 500-A-B $159
CPRS51037 255/70R16 111 S   OWL 500-A-B $165
CPRS51042 265/65R17 112 S   OWL 500-A-B $191
CPRS51035 265/70R16 112 S   OWL 500-A-B $174
CPRS51036 265/70R17 115 S   OWL 500-A-B $191
CPRS51040 265/75R16 116 S   OWL 500-A-B $173
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