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• The SF340 is a value line with excellent all- season capabilities and performance.
• These sizes fit a wide range of vehicles from today's compacts to late model vehicles.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
CPRS34001 175/65R14       BSW 440-A-B $89
CPRS34002 185/65R14       BSW 440-A-B $92
CPRS34009 185/70R14       BSW 440-A-B $92
1956015:TRSF340STF 195/60R15 87 T   BSW 440-A-B $105
CPRS34003 195/65R15       BSW 440-A-B $92
CPRS34010 195/70R14       BSW 440-A-B $94
2056016:TRSF340STF 205/60R16 91 T   BSW 440-A-B $121
CPRS34004 205/65R15       BSW 440-A-B $104
CPRS34012 205/70R15       BSW 440-A-B $105
2057515:SRSF340STF 205/75R15 97 S   BSW 440-A-B $112
2156016:TRSF340STF 215/60R16 94 T   BSW 440-A-B $112
2156516:TRSF340STF 215/65R16 96 T   BSW 440-A-B $122
CPRS34013 215/70R15       BSW 440-A-B $109
CPRS34015 215/75R15       BSW 440-A-B $122
CPRS34007 225/60R16       BSW 440-A-B $111
2256017:TRSF340STF 225/60R17 98 T   BSW 440-A-B $148
2257515:SRSF340STF 225/75R15 102 S   BSW 440-A-B $126
CPRS34017 235/75R15       BSW 440-A-B $131
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