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Sumitomo HTR Enhance WX2 Tires

Sumitomo HTR Enhance WX2 Tires

•Introducing the ALL-NEW Sumitomo Enhance WX2!
•The Enhance WX2 is a premium performance tire that's a great choice for driving enthusiasts seeking a sporty appearance, predictable handling and all-season traction.
•This tire features full-depth grooves and sipes that help deliver confident performance throughout the tire's life
•Large outside tread block provides responsive handling and stable cornering, and angled grooves evacuate water for increased hydroplaning resistance

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
ENW53 215/45R17 91 W XL   500 A A $107
ENW78 225/40R18 92 W XL   500 A A $130
ENW71 225/45R17 91 W     500 A A $109
ENW14 225/45R18 95 W XL   500 A A $138
ENW54 235/45R17 97 W XL   500 A A $110
ENW97 235/45R18 98 W XL   500 A A $117
ENW75 245/40R18 97 W XL   500 A A $138
ENW81 245/40R19 98 W XL   500 A A $169
ENW55 245/45R17 99 W XL   500 A A $110
ENW17 245/45R18 100 W XL   500 A A $139
ENW94 245/45R19 102 W XL   500 A A $156
ENW93 245/45R20 103 W XL   500 A A $172
ENW02 245/50R18 100 W     500 A A $138
ENW04 255/40R19 96 W     500 A A $187
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