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Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R Tires

Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R Tires

Ultra-High Performance Tires

Features & Benefits:

• The Ultrac Vorti R Tire is Vredestein’s most sporty Ultra High Performance summer tyre to date. Compared to the Ultrac Vorti tire, the emphasis with the Ultrac Vorti R tire lies with ensuring grip and driving precision for the most powerful cars. The tire maintains its traction at higher temperatures, including on bends, and is exceptionally stable at high speeds. It is therefore the ideal partner for four-wheel and rear-wheel drive sports cars that demand the most from their tires. The Ultrac Vorti R tire was developed in close cooperation with Italian design company Giugiaro, and the carbon accents on the sidewall and in the tread are a design feature unique to this tire. It is available in several sizes that have been specifically optimised for the rear axle. They include an adjusted belt angle and an even lower air ratio, with an increased focus on maintaining grip on dry surfaces (as the front tires discharge most of the water on wet roads).

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
8714692291401 235/30R20 88 (Y) XL   160 AA A $289
8714692277351 235/35R19 91 (Y) XL   160 AA A $262
8714692308864 245/30R20 90 (Y) XL   160 AA A $300
8714692277474 245/30R21 91 (Y) XL   160 AA A $388
8714692277375 245/35R20 95 (Y) XL   160 AA A $317
8714692291418 255/30R20 92 (Y) XL   160 AA A $318
8714692277498 265/30R21 96 (Y) XL   160 AA A $388
8714692277399 265/35R20 99 (Y) XL   160 AA A $394
8714692291425 295/25R20 95 (Y) XL   160 AA A $337
8714692277412 295/30R19 100 (Y) XL   160 AA A $360
8714692291432 305/25R20 97 (Y) XL   160 AA A $377
8714692277511 305/25R21 98 (Y) XL   160 AA A $456
8714692277436 305/30R19 102 (Y) XL   160 AA A $367
8714692277450 305/30R20 103 (Y) XL   160 AA A $419
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