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• Polished Grooves - Stylish functionality: water flows easily and efficiently off the slick and polished main grooves and the lateral grooves open to the sides.
• Completely HA-Free tire - Only purified low-aromatic oils have been used in the production of this tire. Nokian Tires has succeeded in becoming the world’s first tire manufacturer to produce a clean tire with excellent wet grip and other safety properties.
• Driving Safety Indicator, DSI - The driving safety indicator on the center rib of the tire indicates groove depth in millimeters. The numbers fade one at the time as the tire wears down.
• Environmentally Friendly - A completely new tread rubber compound where toxic and highly aromatic oils have been replaced with a non-labelled oil (not in 13" tires).
• Information Field - The tire’s information field can be used to mark the correct inflation pressure and the tire’s place on the car during the storage season.
• Silent Groove Design - Tire noise has been reduced with several different solutions. Drive-by and cabin noise have a pleasant tone.
• Nokian Cool Silica - Helps to reduce Fuel Consumption even in cool conditions.
• The Mud Stopper - The mud stopper prevents damage to the tire by stopping dirt and other objects from getting caught between the tire and the rim. Available in 15" and bigger sizes.
• Inside-Outside Design - The sturdy rib on the rim area protects the rim against knocks and scratches. Not available in all sizes.
• Wedge Cap Construction - Combined with the asymmetrical tread pattern, the tire’s unique wedged tread structure improves both handling and wet grip properties.
• The Rim Guard - The sturdy rib on the rim area protects the rim against knocks and scratches. Not available in all sizes.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
T441950 195/50R15 82 V     300 A A $121
T441946 205/55R16 94 V XL   300 A A $160
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