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On Feb. 1, 1999 the U.S. Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) established a winter tire grading standard for tires exceeding specific snow traction performance requirements. These tires are specifically designed for use in severe snow conditions. Tires meeting this standard are embossed on their sidewall with the severe service symbol of a peaked mountain with a snowflake. This standard helps drivers choose a tire that will help make their winter driving safer.
• Brake Booster - A new shape for the hind edge of the tread bar, which enhances deceleration on slippery surfaces using the sipes’ design.
• Canola-silica compound - Using a canola-silica compound in the tread improves the tire’s wet grip and reduces rolling resistance without compromising the tire’s good winter properties.
• Purified Oils - Only purified oils and no toxic or carcinogenic chemicals at all are used in the tire production. Nokian Tyres is a pioneer of environmental friendliness in its field and is the world's first tire manufacturer to have introduced purified, low-aromatic oils in its production. The tire's wet grip and other safety properties are excellent.
• Winter Driving Safety Indicator
• Sipe activators - The sipe activators on the edge of the tire’s tread pattern enhance the sipes’ performance on the most slippery surfaces
• The Mud Stopper - The mud stopper prevents damage to the tire by stopping dirt and other objects from getting caught between the tire and the rim.
• The Rim Guard - The sturdy rib on the rim area protects the rim against knocks and scratches. Not available in all sizes.
• Single Wire Bead structure - The Single Wire Bead structure ensures the durability of the tire, even in heavy use. It also lowers the tire’s rolling resistance, i.e. the tire rolls lightly.
• Wedge Sipes - A new innovation in sipes which achieves good stability and, at the same time, good winter grip in contact tires.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
T441541 175/70R14 88 R XL     $119
T441556 195/55R16 91 R XL     $148
T441538 235/40R18 95 R XL     $248
T441579 255/45R18 103 R XL     $269
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