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On Feb. 1, 1999 the U.S. Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) established a winter tire grading standard for tires exceeding specific snow traction performance requirements. These tires are specifically designed for use in severe snow conditions. Tires meeting this standard are embossed on their sidewall with the severe service symbol of a peaked mountain with a snowflake. This standard helps drivers choose a tire that will help make their winter driving safer.
• This new non-studded introduction to the Hakkapeliitta family of winter tires represents the core competence of Nokian Tyres: the world’s leading winter tire expertise.
• First-class winter grip, more precise handling - Diamond-tough grip particles that have the appearance of a multi-edged crystal have been added to the rubber compound in order to improve grip on ice by grabbing onto the driving surface.
• The new cryo-silane based winter silica compound works safely across a wide temperature range. The compound creates exceptional grip on ice, snow, and wet roads, and excellent wear resistance.
• Pump Sipes - The pocket-type sipes on the tire shoulder remove, or even pump, water out of the road surface, ensuring stable and sure grip.
• The slush claws on the shoulder area allow for optimal grip even in thick slush, and prevent the accumulation of slush between the tread blocks.
• The aggressive tread pattern is covered by a denser sipe mesh. Wider individual sipes provide much-needed grip surface, especially when friction is at its lowest on wet ice.

Tire Code Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Ply Sidewall UTQG Price (Each) Order Options
T428380 155/65R14 75 R       $124
T429406 155/70R19 84 Q       $163
T428381 175/65R14 86 R XL     $127
T428383 175/65R15 88 R XL     $128
T428379 175/70R13 82 R       $113
T428394 185/55R15 86 R XL     $145
T428387 185/60R15 88 R XL     $131
T428382 185/65R14 90 R XL     $131
T428384 185/65R15 92 R XL     $133
T428402 195/50R16 88 R XL     $156
T428395 195/55R15 89 R XL     $145
T428662 195/55R16 87 R   Run Flat   $190
T428396 195/55R16 91 R XL     $164
T428388 195/60R15 92 R XL     $133
T428389 195/60R16 93 R XL     $140
T428385 195/65R15 95 R XL     $134
T428403 205/50R17 93 R XL     $187
T428665 205/50R17 89 R   Run Flat   $227
T428663 205/55R16 91 R   Run Flat   $214
T429640 205/55R16 94 R XL     $165
T428661 205/60R16 92 R   Run Flat   $206
T428390 205/60R16 96 R XL     $147
T428386 205/65R15 99 R XL     $143
T428460 205/65R16 99 R XL     $150
T428777 215/45R17 91 R XL     $199
T428404 215/50R17 95 R XL     $212
T428397 215/55R16 97 R XL     $171
T429641 215/55R17 98 R XL     $178
T428391 215/60R16 99 R XL     $146
T429645 225/40R18 92 R XL     $232
T429642 225/45R17 94 R XL     $215
T428668 225/45R17 91 R   Run Flat   $272
T429646 225/45R18 95 R XL     $213
T429117 225/45R19 96 R XL     $278
T428405 225/50R17 98 R XL     $213
T428666 225/50R17 94 R   Run Flat   $261
T428398 225/55R16 99 R XL     $176
T428664 225/55R17 97 R   Run Flat   $261
T429643 225/55R17 101 R XL     $184
T428392 225/60R16 102 R XL     $155
T428416 235/40R18 95 R XL     $251
T428409 235/45R17 97 R XL     $227
T428697 235/45R18 98 R XL     $220
T429647 235/50R18 101 R XL     $236
T429644 235/55R17 103 R XL     $199
T428393 235/60R16 104 R XL     $162
T428417 245/40R18 97 R XL     $253
T428418 245/40R19 98 R XL     $308
T428410 245/45R17 99 R XL     $231
T428669 245/45R18 100 R XL Run Flat   $351
T429648 245/45R18 100 R XL     $263
T429649 245/45R19 102 R XL     $295
T428407 245/50R18 104 R XL     $239
T428667 245/50R18 100 R   Run Flat   $313
T428725 255/35R19 96 R XL     $324
T428420 255/35R20 97 R XL     $374
T428419 255/40R19 100 R XL     $322
T428413 255/45R18 103 R XL     $273
T429044 285/30R20 99 R XL     $429
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