Drivers looking for the best parts often come to Tires by Web, because we feature a wide selection of American Racing Rims. Our selection includes the Outlaw Wheels, Maverick Wheels, and Torq Thrust Wheels, each one capable of fulfilling the specific needs of even the most particular drivers. American Racing ATX Series wheels are built to take your truck or SUV into the rugged outdoors. The first and only manufacturer to offer wheels that are coated with Teflon, ATX products promote dirt resistance to make cleanup easier. Fitments include wheels suitable for dually trucks and the trailers they haul. Invest your money in American Racing Wheels today to get the most out of your vehicle. For questions on American Racing Rims, please call 800-576-1009. If your needs also include snow tires, don’t overlook our Nokian winter tires.

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